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Zumbani Africa’s Green Tea

USD $2.00

A distinctive beverage produced from the finely blended leaves and stem of Southern Africa's famous, wild-growing shrub of the same name, Zumbani (Lippia javanica) blends decongestant and antiseptics qualities, with outstanding flavour and aroma.

Long enjoyed by the peoples fo Southern Africa as both a social beverage rich in flavour, and a health restoring tonic. It is also celebrated as an outstanding nerve relaxant. Padova's tea masters are pleased to bring Zumbani, Southern Africa's wonder shrub, to the world.

Zumbani Herbal Tea

USD $1.00

Long enjoyed by peoples of Southern Africa as a social beverage rich in flavour, Zumbani has legendary status as a health restoring tonic. Zumbani is traditionally used in the prevention and cure of a wide range of chest ailments, fevers and flu. It is also celebrated as a soothing nerve relaxant.